Just like most of you, I’m mystified by the fact that the end of summer is already in sight. And the older I get, the more I yearn for those seemingly endless childhood summers, as my adult version is one of the busiest times of the year for Sally Cohen PR. So much for living in the moment…

Not only is the fourth annual First Niagara Rochester Fringe Festival on the horizon (Thursday, Sept. 17-Saturday, Sept. 26) with more than 500 performances and events this year, but the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra opens Music Director Ward Stare’s inaugural season on September 17th as well!  Both are tremendously important to me and to Rochester, so the pressure is definitely on.

Prime Time Funk is once again part of Fringe this year, as is PUSH Physical Theatre, whose three performances will include a sneak peek at their world premiere of PUSH’s Jekyll & Hyde at Blackfriars Theatre in January 2016.

Something that kept me extra busy earlier this month was working with Elvio Fernandes’ Camp ROC Star, an amazing experience for kids ages 10-17 that media also loved: TWC News, Good Day Rochester LIVE, and the Democrat and Chronicle.

Do you love to sing but have no outlet for your passion and talent? Skip the karaoke and try out for Spectrum Creative Arts’ new community vocal ensemble called Rochester Vox (#ROCVox).  Check out their new fall catalog of classes and lessons too.

Fall is traditionally the annual start of many arts and cultural organizations’ programming, so I encourage you (and me both!) to get off the sofa and participate in the ton of amazing options available in and around our fair city. Here are just a few of my recommendations:  Writers & Books, Rochester Contemporary Arts Center (RoCo), Rochester Swing Dance Network, Ganondagan, and Main Street Arts.

I promised to provide some PR tips from time to time, and I’d like to share one that recently resonated with me: DON’T GIVE UP! Sometimes it seems that all your hard work is ending up in some kind of black media hole and no one gives a rat’s behind about your awesome story ideas. Remember, though:  media don’t usually respond with a “no thank you, we’re too busy right now” because, well, they’re too busy right now! It’s my personal belief, however, that if you follow up with your next idea and your next in a creative and respectful way, they WILL at some point have the time and interest. This is another way in which PR is cumulative – not only that coverage begets coverage – but that consistent communication with media can help create relationships. 

Oops, I think I just gave away the “secret” to my success:  persistence and hard work! Which brings us back to the reason our seasons fly by (except for winter).

Until next time,